Mosier Family Farm

Mosier's Family Farm is a 64 acre, Grade "A" 90 cow dairy farm. The farm is a family owned business paying close attention to farming as natural as possible. The milk cows are housed on pasture all day, other than the time we are milking them. The cows are fed an all natural grain while in the barn with the bulk of their feed being grass and hay.
At Mosier's Family Farm we have a farm market, a place where you can come and purchase Fresh Milk*, Fresh local produce, Free Range Eggs, Local Antibiotic Free Beef, Non-GMO Poultry, Amish products and more year round. We have networked with other small local farmers to offer a variety of fresh produce that is also grown in a healthy & environmentally friendly way.
Most customers sign up for weekly e-mails for prices and items that are available that week. We also have a delivery route where we deliver weekly to local towns. (See: "Delivery Area" for more info)
*Farm Fresh Raw Unpasturized milk is sold  by the gallon only. (Florida Permilt #1241) The milk is labeled for animal consumption only per Florida state law ( In Florida it is illegal to sell raw cows milk for human consumption).

 To find out more call Walter 850-326-6168 / Katie 850-658-4205 or e-mail


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