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  Some General information about our products 

Why Troyer Roll Butter? Troyer roll butter is made only from the first cream. Most butters are made from whey cream (A bi-product of cheese making)

Why Troyer Cheese?- Award winning Blue ribbon cheeses are crafted in small batches and aged to perfection. We only sell "A Grade" which gives you the same great taste time after time.

What is a Cheese Curd? They are small chunks of cheese solids that have been separated from the natural whey present in milk, but not yet pressed into molds to make cheese. Different treatments of the curds yield different end cheeses, and the curds can also be eaten straight. Curds, especially those from cheddar cheese, are very popular in the American Midwest in particular.

Why Amish Wedding Food Jams? - All Amish Wedding Foods jams and jellies are 100% "All Natural". Our natural juice jams and jellies are deliciously sweetened natures way with white grape juice. (For more complete information visit  

Why Edna Lucille Handmade Soap? - Edna Lucille Soap is made using the french milled process, keeping the glycerin inside. Glycerin naturally softens and soothes your skin providing a higher quality product that is better for your skin.

Why Mosier's Farm Beef? - The beef is from our retired dairy cows. We have all the cuts of meat ground making the ground beef superior to any other. The beef is processed in a USDA plant and inspected with proper labeling. Packaged in 1lb vacuum sealed bags. When no retired cows available we purchase cows from a local farmer who also raises their cattle with no hormones or antibiotics, again all cuts are ground. The cows are fed grass, hay and a small amount of an all plant based feed.

Why Mosier's Farm eggs? - Chickens roam in a small field stress free and happy eating bugs, grass, fruit scraps, vegetable scraps and a option to eat an all natural vegetarian base feed, along with clean fresh well water making the eggs one of our most perfect foods. 
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