Mosier's Family Farm
Get Ya Some "Mo-Eggs"
Get Ya Some "Mo-Chicken"

Mosier's Family Farm is a 64 acre family farm that raises quality poultry for egg and meat production. The farm is a family owned business paying close attention to farming as natural as possible. The farm was started as a dairy farm in 1999 and closed October 10th, 2018 when Hurricane Michael came up through the Florida panhandle. The hurricane in 4 hours destroyed our family dairy farm my wife and four daughters helped build for 18 years. After the hurricane the farm pivoted to poultry production on a small scale. We have now grown to supplying retail establishments from Tallahassee to Pensacola and everywhere in-between.

Mosier's Farm produces pasture raised Grade "A" eggs. The eggs are sold by the dozen or case under the name "Mo-Eggs". The Laying hens have access to pasture all day and supplemented with an all natural grain while in the barn to nest or avoid predators and weather. We do not use antibiotics or hormones nor is it in the feed. We believe if a chicken has clean fresh water, balanced ration and plenty of room to scavenge hunt for bugs or play they will be healthy and produce a quality egg. No Stress!

We also raise  a Cornish cross chicken for baking these hens are raised on fresh grass and are supplemented with a non-GMO/soy free grain. We raise these from biddies and process them here at the farm when they reach approximately 4-5 pounds. Never given antibiotics or hormones nor is it in the feed. We sell these as whole chickens great for baking. For those people looking for chicken that's free of Stress, Antibiotics, Hormones, GMO's and Soy. We sell these hens under the name "Mo-Chicken". 

We also sell laying hens at all stages from biddies to laying. 

During the months of March and April Mosier's Farm is your source for Florist Grade Jumbo Ferns. Every year we supply local retailers and individual with Florist Grade Jumbo Ferns. Some of the ferns we offer are Macho, Boston, Asparagus and the fluffy ruffle these are in 10 inch pots with wire hangers. Join our Facebook page for updates: FB @ mosier farm and delivery

The last 3 weekends in October the farm host the "Field Of Screams" haunted corn maze. Thousands attend each year for a night of thrills. Walk through the corn beginning at dark and see many of the horror movie characters creeping around under the fire light. (Haunted corn maze is with live characters and may not be suitable for small children). Coming in 2021 The haunted hay ride. Ride deep into the woods and into the moon light for a ride like no other! Join our Facebook page for updates: FB @ mosier farm and delivery

We are located on the corner of I-10 and Hwy 231 in the Florida panhandle. Just 45 miles north of Panama City Florida.

  To find out more call Walter 850-326-6168 / Terri 850-415-0812 or e-mail FB @ mosier farm and delivery.


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